Minecraft, Wine, and Cereals

My daughters are busy working in a mine this evening – in the “Minecraft” video game. After our middle girl asked about paying for a Minecraft server from her own bank account, we failed to get anywhere with it because of parental controls, so I ended up forking out for it. A negotiation happened – Miss 16 and 15 are receiving less pocket money while the Minecraft server exists. Given the shouts and hilarity cascading across the house this evening, it’s more than worth the little it cost just to hear their laughter.

I am therefore sitting at the dining room table with my work laptop. Miss 20 has the desktop computer, Miss 15 has my laptop, and Miss 16 is holed up in her hell-hole of a bedroom with the computer she usually uses for college work. My other half is watching a TV show across the room from me researching the family tree of a well known actress. I’m trying to ignore it all – somewhat unsuccessfully.

After struggling to scrape myself out of bed this morning, I went for a run at lunchtime. I only managed three and a bit kilometres, but told myself “at least you did it”. I’ve been telling myself that a lot recently.

I’m two small glasses of wine into a bottle bought from the corner shop earlier this evening – more than enough to go straight to my head. I don’t drink very often any more – and to be honest, grow increasingly tired of the after-effects of alcohol. We have a cupboard full of various teas and coffees in the kitchen – I tend towards coffee during the day, and herbal tea at night – although it’s not unusual for me to drink coffee immediately before falling into bed. I think I must have become immune to caffeine.

While buying the wine I also picked up a box of cereals. Cereals are my kryptonite. The kids recoil in horror at me sometimes – eating a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast or supper while they scrape lashings of chocolate spread across a piece of toast.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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I confess I know nothing of video games. In ancient history, I wasted a few quarters on pong and frogger at the bar. My ex was a gamer, and that was enough to turn me off to it. My game, Solitaire, using real life playing cards, usually while laying on the rug in front of the wood stove. And, I’m no longer much of a drinker. I guess it’s age. The cost just hasn’t been worth the pleasure. I’m down to making a toddy (essentially hot lemonade) and throwing in a teaspoon of Irish, or Grand Marnier for flavor. I no longer need the buzz. Caffeine gets cut off at about 2:00 pm, and unfortunately that pretty much includes chocolate, or I won’t sleep. My kryptonite? Hmmm, probably nuts and raisins. It all sounds boring, but works for me.

The only thing missing from my mix is the sound of laughter from the next room.

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You might be onto something there – although I think in the game they are called potions. Hah – imagine walking into a wine seller in the real world and asking “what potions do you recommend, good sir?” lol


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