Strange and Mysterious

Here we are again – writing a blog post at half past midnight – wondering where the day (and the night) went. It’s becoming a habit. After several weeks grinding towards a milestone at work, I’m suddenly at the top of an imaginary hill, looking down, exhaling – getting my breath back.

I find it difficult to switch off. While wandering around the house during the evening doing chores, my mind continues to turn over the various problems I have been wrestling with during the day. Invariably I come up with answers at the most unpredictable times. I remember years ago I had been talking to friends about a children’s television show that I grew up watching, and couldn’t quite remember the theme music. It bugged me all evening. I woke up the next morning humming the tune before even realising what I was humming.

The human brain is a strange and mysterious contraption at the best of times.

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to giving up on any semblence of “figuring out how the world works”. While it would be nice to think it worked as Forrest Gump described it – kind of a mix of fate and chance – I’m starting to suspect it’s entirely driven by chance. Nothing is pre-ordained. We’re all doing our best, and there’s a lot more blind luck (read:chance) involved than most people like to admit.


I’m starting to slide into one of those late night think-pieces that only make sense while you’re writing them – so I’ll shut up.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

4 replies on “Strange and Mysterious”

Sometimes I think everything is random, and then I’ll stumble over one of those articles that says the entire course of your life can be determined by the postal code your parents lived in at the time of your birth. Sigh.

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