Unexpected Time Off

After several weeks submerged in one of the most complex project design phases I have been involved in for quite some time, a window has opened up in my schedule. A few days. I grabbed them. I have a mountain of unused holiday from last year, so it made sense. A couple of days to kick back, read books, watch movies, write endlessly recursive blog posts, and of course play video games.

My other half will be away for the weekend too – leaving me in the house with three teenage girls (read: eating machines). Creation of meals will therefore fall upon me through the weekend. I suppose in many ways we have tried to hang on to some old family values – like sitting at the table together for a hot meal on an evening – invariably cooking it from scratch. We unpack each of our days while eating – which in and of itself provides endless entertainment. Think about it – teenage daughters – school – drama. So much drama.

I’ll never forget the time our (then) eleven year old sat picking her way through a plate of chilli, and randomly remarked “Amber got detention today”.

“Oh, why?”

“She called Maisie a bumhole”

There are some times you know you shouldn’t laugh out loud, but you really can’t help it.

You never know – being left to my own devices for the weekend might also result in some half-way decent photos appearing in my Instagram feed. Something a little more consequential than photos of whatever I’m cooking, or writing.

If I do one thing this weekend, it will be to repay the commitment so many have shown to my blog over the last few years. I’ll go on a journey around the internet – reading, commenting, liking, and catching up where possible with the legion of wonderful people I have crossed paths with. It’s about time.

First things first though. A cup of tea.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

5 replies on “Unexpected Time Off”

Enjoy. Understand that no debts are owed. We all blog for our own reasons and if feedback is one of them…consider therapy. Mostly, take those days to recharge and give back to you. Feed the things that make you, you.

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The wind will take you where you need to go, I’m sure. 🙂Enjoy your girls, and your time, Jonathan. And yes, make sure you read all two years worth of my blog that you’ve missed. Every word.😉 I’m kidding. Lol x

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