Randomly on Tuesday

My brain is slowly turning to mush. For the last several days I have been writing a technical document – a review of the system I have been designing for the last several weeks. The core of a document may well dictate what I stress about for the next year.

We’ll see.

I’m sitting in the study, in front of two computers, listening to the TRON Legacy soundtrack – with the volume probably a little high, given that I’ve had a headache all day. It’s probably just tiredness. Perhaps an early night might help.

I finished watching “The Queen’s Gambit” last night – a series on NetFlix about a broken girl finding her feet as a chess prodigy, and walking a drink and drug abuse tightrope while challenging the status quo. Very good. Very good indeed. I hope they don’t try and make a second season – it’s based on a book, and neatly ties everything up in the end. The scenes in the park in Russia reminded me of the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris – where people gather to play chess. A wonderful memory from a long time ago.

One day, when the world is normal again, it would be nice to return to Paris.

I’ve been checking in on news from the US all day – guiltily delighting in the unfolding shit-show. I would quietly like Trump to lose really badly, but fear it might be a lot closer than people think. The vocal majority on the internet often forget than in reality they are a small minority of the wider world – and the wider world is often ill-informed, less well educated, and to be frank doesn’t really care what happens outside of their immediate concerns. For many, keeping a roof over their head and food on the table takes up the vast majority of their time – spending countless hours constructing witty barbs on social networks doesn’t rank very highly in their world.


I should probably try to write a few more hundred words into the document I’m avoiding, rather than pontificate here.

I nearly forgot. I made a new friend this week – rare for me. I suppose it proves that friendship DOES still happen on the internet – often at the most unlikely moments, and in the least likely places. When the world about you seems oppressively dark, a friend can cut through the cloud like a bright shaft of sunshine. As much as we might tell others that we are quite happy sitting out here on our virtual islands, it’s amazing how much difference a second set of footprints can make.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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