A Whole New World

Perhaps it says something that even half a world away, I have been unable to distract myself from the United States election for the last several days. I have family in America, and know countless others across the country. I have somehow become invested in their hopes over the last few years. They say adversity brings people closer together – perhaps that’s why I have felt their hopes so keenly.

I have been watching a number of news networks throughout the week to get a balanced view, and was impressed by one in particular. Their host didn’t hold back when the projected result was announced – unleashing thoughts so many around the world had kept to themselves for so long.

An end to the bullying, the bitterness, the lying, the cheating, the abuse, the nastiness, the baseless accusations… I could go on. He did. I agreed with every word of it.

History will not judge Donald Trump kindly. He will be remembered for mocking a disabled person in front of a jeering crowd. He will be remembered for locking children in “very clean” cages. He will be remembered for the countless thousands of lies, for his lack of tact, kindness, and candour – and for his total lack of empathy. He will be remembered for cruel jokes, corruption, ignorance, and nepotism.

He will be remembered for so many things, and yet the world will also forget him. People will get on with their lives, and move on. People have an uncanny knack of holding on to good memories, and purging bad ones.

Here’s to tomorrow, to hope, and to the future.

6 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. This was really, really beautiful, Jonathan. 😊So tender and lovely. I do have hope for a new world (I’m not sure I have enough tears left to get me through more of the old one. Donald Trump is not the only bully out there. In fact there is half a world of them out there, and most are ignorant to their own silly business.😢)

    I will add, it goes all the way round, the need for empathy and compassion in humanity. Including those of us who kind of dislike (sort of really hate) the poison of people like Trump. I believe that If they could be any other way, they would be. A toddler will never act like a ten year old, no matter how unfair it is that they’ve carelessly smashed their seventh egg for the week. I can’t do anything about the toddler. But I can change my way of viewing their mess making skills and declare that life can go on beautifully, regardless. So (although he’s been behaving like a bit of a dick) I’m going to resist putting Trump and people like him in the naughty corner of humanity and leaving them there. We don’t have to let them run our countries. We don’t have to like the way they think or act. But they are them, just as we are us. And, oddly, without the discord they create, we’d not be able to recognise or appreciate what harmony truly looks like. Or how beautiful it feels to choose it over all the horrible. (Jeez. I must have watched beauty and the beast too many times as a kid. Lol.) ☀️

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    1. You’re such a forgiving soul 🙂 I think Trump’s sister pretty much got it right, when she described their early family life – Trump is the product of his upbringing. Saying that though, I’ve talked to lots of care workers over the years – they tend to go into their career believing nurture is everything – and they end their career questioning if nature has an awful lot to do with everything…

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      1. Ahh. ☺️ The many colours of humanity. Who even knows where it all comes from. Lol.

        I do love the questions of nature v nurture! From the minute my two kids hit the air, they’ve both been chalk and cheese. Then of course there’s the first and second child thing. Then all the rest. It’s all magical and wondrous, if you ask me. 🦄 A good chunk of humanity tends to miss it all- spending the days arguing about who’s a bigger nong, on any given day (decade). Which I also think is a pretty funny part of humanity.) ☺️


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