Deep breath. This is going to get very nerdy, very quickly. I’ll just get it over with, shall I?

I’m currently waiting for our youngest daughter’s laptop to re-install itself. It received a pretty major upgrade earlier today – quadrupling it’s memory. I also bought an SSD to go inside it, but having disassembled it earlier this evening, discovered that the manufacturers quite bizarrely included the housing for the SSD, but no connector on the motherboard. As a result, rather than getting a shiny new build of Windows 10 (which I already tried, and works fine), she’s getting Ubuntu Linux instead. The reason? Linux will run faster, and all she really needs is a web browser for school work.

Fingers crossed.

In other news, I’m kind of glad it’s finally the weekend. I’m planning to go for a run first thing in the morning, and then maybe wander down to the park. I’m going early, because if you leave it too long the Covidiots will arrive en-masse, like last weekend.

I bought the book “The Queen’s Gambit” from Amazon earlier – it’s waiting on my Kindle to be read. It cost 99 pence. The TV series was wonderful – I’ve been wondering about the book it was based upon for the last couple of weeks. It will keep me going until Ready Player Two arrives – a couple of weeks away, if memory serves.

I suppose really I should put Ready Player Two on my Christmas list. It’s the sort of thing the kids would probably like to get me for Christmas.

My thoughts seem so disjointed and random at the moment – like I’m some sort of scatter-gun random conversation generator. A broken bot. I was going to suggest to myself that sitting in a coffee shop away from everybody and everything might be an idea, but that probably results in sitting in a hospital bed within a few days.

How is it already 11pm? Where did the entire evening go? Oh yes – the laptop. Maybe it’s time for a coffee.

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