Coffee and Spotify

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you find me tapping a few words into the blog, accompanied by a cup of coffee, and the Starbucks “Global” playlist on Spotify. I tend to drink instant coffee at home – because it’s cheap. A lot of my decisions at the moment seem to be based around things being either free, or inexpensive.


Where has the weekend gone so far ?

I re-installed my trusty laptop with Ubuntu Linux last night – or rather, I partitioned it. All that means is I get to choose which universe my laptop lives in when I power it up – the Windows-verse, or the Linux-verse. I won’t preach about Linux – suffice to say it “just works”, and appeals to the anarchic side of my personality.

I started reading the book “The Queen’s Gambit” late on Friday night – and got through the first chapter. Having watched the TV series on Netflix, it’s interesting to return to the book and find out how it differs.

We took part in an online quiz last night to support some friends. They were fundraising for the church they go to, and even though I don’t have a religious bone in my body, I thought “what the hell”. I just switched off when they did the hard sell for donations (we donated a small amount in order to take part in the quiz).

The quiz was fun – if only because we drank two bottles of wine, and ate our body-weight in snacks. We ran two Zoom sessions – one with the quiz masters, and one with some friends that live across the road – conferring about answers along the way. Here’s the thing – most of the teams averaged perhaps 75% scores across the rounds – but one team scored nearer 95%. Now I’m not going to point the finger and accuse anybody of cheating, but when you get a third of the way into the quiz and realise it’s not worth trying, it’s a bit of a poor show really.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my coffee has run out.

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