Alone in the Dark

I’m sitting alone in the living room lit only by a lamp in the far corner, throwing long shadows across the room. A classical music radio station is quietly filling the room with a rather sombre cello.

My daughters are taking turns to play “The Sims” on the big computer in the study – a very modern take on a dolls house, as far as I can tell. My other half is asleep in bed – she came home from work with a monstrous headache. Of course I started counting symptoms immediately. Hopefully it’s just a headache.

Claire de Lune just started playing, by Claude Debussy. Claire de Lune always reminds me of the final scene of the movie “Frankie and Johnny”. If you’ve not seen it, I dare not say a word about it – apart from perhaps “wonderful”, “wonderful”, and “wonderful”.

There should be a list somewhere of final scenes of movies that remind us that the world isn’t all bad. Frankie and Johnny would be on it – and “As Good as it Gets”. That scene where they buy bread from the bakery…

Anyway. Enough of this nonsense. I have lots more nothing-at-all to be getting on with.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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