Every Other Day

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of sorts – posting every other day. I’m not quite sure how it happened – it certainly wasn’t intentional. Today’s post is brought to you from Evernote by the way. I used to keep all of my notes, drafts, ideas, and thoughts in Evernote. I’m not really sure why I stopped using it – it’s very good.

For the last few years I have been writing blog posts in a variety of text editors – in markdown format – and saving them into a folder structure. If you’ve never heard of markdown, it’s the simple system used by journalists and typesetters (do they even call themselves typesetters any more?) to mark up bold, italic, headings, and so on without having to use a fully blown word processor. The text files are backed up to a private source code repository at Github – I make no apologies for this – it’s a tool I use a lot at work, and I just know how it works.

If I was writing a novel, I imagine something like Github would be really useful – you can save changes endlessly to a collection of files, and it keeps a detailed audit of what has changed over time – you can compare any two versions of a file, or files, and visually see the differences – what was removed, what was added, what changed. It’s really useful for software development, and probably something of an untapped resource for writers.

The clever bit about the likes of Github is you can other services off of them. If I was so inclined, I could have a website automatically build itself after I check in any writing. Sure, it requires a bit of planning and tinkering first, but it’s doable.


Enough geekery. Nobody wants to read a blog post about blogging. I’ve certainly written THAT before. Perhaps an early night might be an idea. A break from the desk, the chair, and the computer screen. It feels like I’ve been sitting here for a week (I HAVE been sitting here for a week).

I still haven’t gone running.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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