Second Coffee

It’s mid-morning on Friday, and I’m taking a break from everything for a few minutes. I’m about to go and put the kettle on in the kitchen, and make a second coffee for the day. I’m one of those annoying people that can take or leave most things – I tend to drink instant coffee at home because it’s cheap, even though we have a perfectly working Tassimo coffee machine.

I’ve been working on a client system throughout much of the week – making changes, fixing bugs – that sort of thing. It’s a “head down, get it done” kind of activity that becomes all-consuming while you’re doing it. The client fills a wish list of changes over the course of several weeks, and I look in on the first morning of each “sprint” (sometimes months apart) – that first look is always somewhat stressful – I’m not sure why. I guess I’ve never really stopped doubting my own ability. Maybe it’s a “meeting expectations” thing.


I’ve agreed to a late lunch, and a walk into town with my eldest daughter later. It will be the first time I have set foot in town for over a week. The first time I have ventured further than the corner shop to buy cereals. For the last several weeks, the only other humans we have seen have been delivery drivers – dropping off groceries, and parcels. Perhaps it’s too easy to fall inwards, and close off from the world. I’m guessing everybody is going to struggle when the world opens back up.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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