Running, Chocolate, Alcohol, and Coffee

There is an X-Box 360 tucked away under the desk. It’s wired up, but nobody ever plays with it. I’ve just chanced upon the best life-hack ever with it though – if I glance my leg against it, it powers up and becomes the most over-engineered foot-warmer in the history of anything, ever. Seriously – it’s perfect – the cooling fans pour hot air from it’s side – directly onto my bare feet.

What else has been going on? Not much, to be honest. I went for a run first thing this morning. My eldest daughter was supposed to come with me, but pretended to be asleep when I looked in on her. I only ran a few kilometres, and felt surprisingly OK at the end – which then of course translated into feeling bad that I had not run further. I’m my own worst enemy.

This evening I returned into town in search of snacks and alcohol. We have had little or no junk in the cupboards for weeks – restricting grocery shopping to planned meals. It felt like Christmas, wandering the supermarket late in the evening with my youngest daughter in-tow, filling a basket with crisps, chocolate, and alcohol. I bought a bottle of Sherry, and told myself it was for Christmas. There’s no way it’s going to last until Christmas – I’ve already poured myself a small glass.

I picked up a box of Kinder chocolate eggs while in the supermarket. For those in the USA (where they are banned), they are chocolate eggs, containing a plastic egg, with a small toy to construct inside. I’m guessing they fail health and safety rules in the US – where greedy kids might try and eat the enormous plastic egg, and choke to death – you know, like nobody else in the entire world ever has. Anyway – after giving them out when we returned home it was like the kids were five years old all over again – quietly huddled around the table eating the chocolate, and building the toys. We “won” a small plastic dinosaur, several toy cars, and a crocodile that squirts a thimble-full of water when squeezed.

I just downed a cappuccino – purely to counter the alcohol. I’m not sure if it’s a “growing up” thing (finally!), but while I like the immediate affect alcohol has – knocking the edge off a rough day, for example – I’m not a fan of not being able to concentrate, or think properly. I never learn though. I wake up with a headache, and think “why did I do that?” – but of course the headache vanishes by lunchtime, and then after a crappy day a glass of something nice seems like a good idea again. It’s worth pointing out that it’s rare for me to go and buy alcohol – if we have it, I will have a glass – if we don’t, I usually can’t bothered. Tea and coffee, all the way.

Anyway. Enough of this nonsense. I have the most recent episode of the Mandalorian to catch up with.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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