Two Worlds

A few days ago I was approached at work – along with everybody else – about writing occasional blog posts for the company website. The posts will be shared with the wider world through LinkedIn – I’m guessing the company is going to start playing the social game.

My first thought was to spin up an instance of Ghost for myself (a very nice web publishing platform), post some writing to it, and then share it with the company I work for. While thinking about doing so, doubts began to emerge. If I run my own website, I need to look after it.

Instead of building something new, I walked over to Medium, and posted a few words. Sure, Medium has it’s detractors – mostly related to their method of monetising content – but I don’t have to look after it, which is kind of huge. I’m still not sure I’m doing the right thing though.

So anyway – I’m sort of writing syndicated content all of a sudden. Alongside this almost daily head emptying routine, I’m trying to think of insightful, interesting, engaging things to say about the one thing I never talk about here – my work. I think it’s going to be fun – certainly a good diversion for the moment.

I suppose the problem comes when the company realises I can string words together, and writing will become a part of my job – which is exactly when all the perceived “fun” will vanish without trace.

3 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. I see writing, even for work opportunities, still more fun than some of the other job related activities I had to do in the past.

    You’re good with stringing words together, and using a different part of your brain to write something besides emptying your head is going to be a fun challenge for you. I’m sure it’ll be insightful and intriguing.

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  2. I once had an artist acquaintance, who was handed her ego on a platter. She went to live, for a bit, in a commune. They asked her what it was she did for a living, and she proudly responded that she was a painter. Armed with that information, they found the perfect fit for her, and she spent the rest of her time there repainting all the furniture. Motto: be careful what you wish for and how you want to be recognized.


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