Rockstar Lifestyle

It’s 11pm on Friday night, and I’m the last person awake in the house. All I can hear is the blood pumping through my ears, and the rattle of the keyboard as I type these words.

The groceries arrived a little earlier this evening. We have started ordering extra with each delivery to make it through Christmas. Suddenly there are nice things appearing in the cupboards that we haven’t had for months – the challenge is of course to leave the nice things alone for a few more weeks.

I went for a run at lunchtime, and surprised myself. I really didn’t feel great, but somehow did another five kilometres. Unfortunately the mobile phone app I use to record the runs lost it’s mind, and recorded the strangest GPS track I’ve ever seen. At one point I appeared to be running faster than an express train, smashing through houses and gardens throughout the town. The mobile app seemed to realise it was having an episode, and flagged the run afterwards with a “there might be something wrong with this” remark.

No shit, Sherlock.

My only remaining plans for the day involve the latest episode of The Mandalorian, and then sleep. Maybe a few pages of “The Queen’s Gambit” too. The book feels different enough than the TV series that it’s still interesting. I’m having to stay away from “Ready Player Two” in the Amazon store – I suspect the hardback may arrive on Christmas morning.

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