Nowhere on Purpose

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer all afternoon, reading, tinkering, playing chess, and falling down internet rabbit holes. While sitting here, there’s been an uneasy sense that I should be doing something more constructive with my time. Something worthy.

Maybe there’s value in doing nothing sometimes. Switching off.

Perhaps a night of video games might help. I can’t remember the last time I played Galaxians, Asteroids, Pacman, Mario, and Sonic.

2 thoughts on “Nowhere on Purpose

  1. I think we all need down time–activities that free up the consciousness from all that damn thinking. I know that my guilty pleasure is solitaire, the old fashioned game, with actual playing cards. It allows me to ruminate on other things in the background, while consciously focusing on pulling order out of chaos. Solitaire has so many levels–class structure, tribalism, chaos, and the rigidity of any constructed form of “winning.” And…in the wings, whatever other project I have underway seems to iron out its own wrinkles…without me having to think it through.


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