Choose Your Poison

A few nights ago I heard a mouse running around in our attic. I’m guessing it came in from the houses alongside, and I’m guessing it’s not alone.

I spent an hour delving around in the attic on Friday night, and found nothing chewed up. That doesn’t mean I haven’t unleashed hell on our little visitor(s).

Five poison bait traps went into the attic on Friday night after my inspection. Three of them have been nibbled at as of this morning. I have enough bait to keep re-filling them for weeks, and will buy more if needed. If they eat eat any, they are dead inside 48 hours.

We joked about constructing a route for the cats to get into the attic – my eldest daughter proposed shutting them up there, and letting nature take it’s course. I think the cats already know the mice are up there – they’ve taken to camping out on the landing, below the loft hatch. I’m guessing they can both hear, and smell them.

If not for camping kit, and old childrens clothes being stored in the attic, I wouldn’t be too worried. I really don’t want all the sleeping bags chewed up though. Fingers crossed we wipe them out before anything too valuable gets damaged.

p.s. just ordered an ultrasound deterrent, to hopefully keep them away in the longer term.

5 thoughts on “Choose Your Poison

  1. Mice have been a problem this year–but not here. Ours is a new house–built tight. But my mum has had two calls in for furnace repair–both because mice got in. And they’ve been munching on vehicles, stealing insulation from the firewalls and eating the electrical harnesses. Weird tastes, those mice. Expensive, but weird. The biggest issue in an attic is if they go after the wiring. Again, they seem to like the insulation around wires, so much so that they can cause damage, or even fires. Poison is a solution, but one worries that a poisoned mouse could become dinner to a cat.

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    1. That’s the reason I don’t want to let the cats up there. Thankfully, the little wiring that exists in our attic has been replaced years ago with more modern wires that has no fabric. I have no doubt the mice have just come in to keep warm – the attic is insultated. I imagine they are using the insulation. Of course every time they visit now, they take food and get killed. From early next week they will arrive, and be confronted with horrific (for them) sound.


  2. My brother and sister in law are currently living through a mouse plague. I remember one from my childhood living on a cattle station. The whole house is permeated with mouse smell. Everything has to be sealed in metal containers. Not fun.
    I remember we would put out trays of concrete powder laced with sugar and other niceties to entice them. They had to be refilled regularly. In our chicken feed shed we had a trap that involved mice sliding to their deaths into a drum of water. Gruesome stuff.

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