Stealing Days

I still have a mountain of unused holiday days from my employer stacked in a heap in the corner. I’ve been chipping away at them now and again – taking the odd day off here and there. While in-between projects at work, I thought it might be prudent to use a few of them.

Therefore, this week is going to be an incredibly short working week. Two days long. There’s a conference call I need to dip into later in the week, but beyond that, the world becomes my own.

In a normal world I might wander to a coffee shop in town, sit at a quiet table, and people watch. We don’t live in a normal world any more though, do we. I imagine I will kick around the house and annoy the rest of my family. I will go running. I might got for a very long walk.

I’m contemplating stopping the Strava madness. The last few times I’ve been running, Strava has had a fit of sorts, and recorded my route like a drunken spider with honesty problems. It makes me look great, but even a passing glance at the track of my route pits me against Donald Trump in a competition for “most honest person in the room”.


Three days off coming up. Time to break into a somewhat improvised happy dance.

4 thoughts on “Stealing Days

  1. Yea, we don’t live in a “normal” world anymore. I never really did though. I do miss the coffee and library visits. I guess it’s the simplicity of sitting in another environment besides your home smelling the coffee, people watching, writing and thinking anywhere else besides home. I love our home, but I truly miss those visits now more than ever. I hope that you find a place even if it’s a different spot in your home that gives you more inspiration!

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  2. ‘…beyond that, the world becomes my own.’ I love that. Enjoy your days off. They will be wonderful, I’m sure. x 🙂


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