When you look at the clock and it’s a few minutes until midnight, does midnight count as today, or tomorrow ? Asking for a friend.

I’ve done very little today – unless you count my exploits in “The Sims”, where I built a new house, furnished it, moved in, made friends, got married, and had unimaginable quantities of “Woohoo”. I can still remember when The Sims first came out – I had recently started going out with my other half, and she would come to visit at the weekend and spend hours looking after a little computerised version of us. I seem to remember her not being impressed when I moved in several fit lifeguards next door – one of which burned herself to death on the cooker while trying to fry an egg. Her housemates stood screaming instead of calling for the emergency services.

I have been writing. I’m still experimenting with Medium – the publishing site I was playing with earlier in the week – figuring out how it works. I will admit to enjoying posting a few bits and pieces that are more about what I know, than what I’ve been doing – although the temptation to start telling stories is strong.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to go read in bed. I’m still reading “The Queen’s Gambit” by Walter Tevis – the book the Netflix series was based upon. It’s very good.

3 thoughts on “Midnight

    1. I’m still flying a plane – just nowhere near as often. I guess writing swung back in like a wrecking ball, and shouted “that’s enough of that – lets get back to what you actually like doing” 🙂 I *do* know how to fly a 737 now though lol


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