One in the Morning

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been “mailing it in” on the personal blog for the last few months – writing a little about this or that, without really writing about my day, my thoughts, or anything else really. Perhaps it’s time to change that. Perhaps it’s time to start emptying my head – or at least trying to.

Today was a quiet day. Another quiet day. While I busied myself with washing clothes and putting things away around the house, my other half took our middle girl to rugby practice. I suppose you might call it a “pottering” day – doing this and that.

Over the course of the weekend we received news that both of our younger daughters will be at home until the new year – their respective school and college have both shut down due to either staff or pupils catching the Corona virus. We are therefore setting up the dining table as the “work area” through to the end of the month – during the daytime it will have our laptops lined up on it. Yes, I’m de-camping from the office, and will sit with everybody else. It will be like a pretend office of sorts. If we need to do a conference call, we will unplug, and use the study (the junk room). I’m not sure what will happen when multiple calls are happening at once – perhaps we’ll end up sitting on the stairs ?

I’ve done a deal with my middle daughter to go running with her tomorrow morning. I’ve promised not to run fast. She has been losing weight, and is starting to see results, so I grasped the opportunity when it presented itself. Getting her out of bed at 7am in the morning is going to be another matter though. We’ll see. I do hope she keeps her word – she’s been doing really well recently with health and fitness. She’s no longer the last kid when the rugby team run laps of the field. It must be dispiriting for her – her younger sister happily runs at the front of the pack without breaking a sweat.

Our eldest is applying for jobs at the moment. She nearly fell off her chair when a nearby hotel and pub showed interest in her recently. Of course her anxiety then exploded, so we’ll try to help her deal with one thing at a time.

It feels like life is a struggle in all directions at the moment. And yes, I know struggle is relative – we’re healthy, employed, we have a house, food in the cupboards, and so on – but it seems like nothing comes easily. I suppose it’s pretty short-sighted to think other people have things easier, because people tend to conceal their struggles.

It’s getting late. While writing this, the clock is ticking past 1am. If I’m going to get up and go running I should really post this, and go brush my teeth. Maybe I’ll try and get back to writing every day – it might help me turn over some of the more random thoughts swimming around my head.

2 thoughts on “One in the Morning

  1. Congrats to the middle girl, who gets to learn that she can be the master of her own fate. And to the eldest, who, after a fashion, has the same lesson–except that she needs a toe in the water first to make the whole growing up process a little less daunting. And a special award to the parents, who have obviously learned that loving equally takes different shapes to fit the recipient. Enjoy the run, at whatever speed.

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