One Day More

No, this is not the beginning of a certain Broadway song involving all manner of catawailing (disclaimer – I love Les Miserables, before anybody starts on me). I’m just reflecting that we’re only a day away from Christmas now – or more accurately, one day away from ten minutes of unwrapping things before it’s all over for another year.

I’m still working. I will be working until mid-afternoon tomorrow. Every time I wander into the kitchen to make a coffee, I am greeted by worktops strewn with baking stuff that the kids promised would be put away. I have never wanted to shout “You sit on a throne of LIES!” so often (that’s a line from Elf, if you were wondering).

The washing machine is still running flat out with back-to-back loads, even though we have not been anywhere or done anything. The house is still a gigantic mess. It’s pretty dispiriting really.

Maybe if I go for a run first thing in the morning it will clear my mind a bit. Of course I’ll come home to more washing up, and more work, but there’s always hope that a magical fairy will have arrived and tipped the entire contents of our house into a bottomless garbage shoot, re-painted every room, cut the hedge, figured out how to make the WiFi reach more than one room, and put the freshly washed clothes away.

We are supposed to be watching another movie tonight. Mysteriously every movie pulled from the box so far has been one the kids nominated. I think my choices were burned before entering the lottery. I’m going to start a number of frivolous lawsuits about it, and complain across social media to anybody that will listen.

I guess I should go help set the table or something, before my absence is noted.

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