Chores, Cats, and Coffee

For the first several hours today I was the only person up and about – wandering from room to room, doing this and that. Completing some chores, starting others. By the time anybody else showed their face the washing up was done, the washing machine busy with a second load, the air dryer (a rather fantastic invention that dries clothes) re-filled with freshly washed clothes, the kitchen cleaned, the clothes rails folded up and put away, towels folded and put away. You get the idea – it’s pretty much endless around here.

I constructed an hour to sit in the relative quiet of the study and wrote a few words for the other blog about procrastination – feel free to go have a read – if you’re feeling snarky it might make you smile. The other blog gets cross-posted into Medium – where I have now made enough money to pay for the account for over a year.

I feel like I should be more enthused that people are choosing to like some of the words I have written, and that it’s earning me a little bit of money. It feels somehow false though – constructing posts about this or that, purely because I think others might be interested in a given perspective or story. I suppose it’s no different than writing here though.

In other news, we watched Cats last night – the musical movie based on the famous theatre production. While I didn’t think it was quite as awful as the movie critics suggested, I didn’t think it was great either. The quality of the singers, and the production of the music let the entire movie down – if they had been stellar, nobody would have looked twice at the oddly erotic cats. I can’t help comparing it against the likes of Moulin Rouge, which knocked every musical before it out of the park.

Tonight’s “family movie” is “Home Alone” – picked at random from a home-made tombola, filled with folded pieces of paper. We submitted five movies each – none of mine have come out yet. I’m beginning to suspect the entire thing is rigged.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another cup of coffee to go make. I made one a few minutes earlier, but then started writing this entirely forgettable screed, and forgot all about it. Luke warm coffee sucks.

8 thoughts on “Chores, Cats, and Coffee

  1. Chores are relentless. But then, maybe it’s like breathing, just the things you have to do each day. My chore load is lighter but it balances out because my work is more grueling. Today I will begin insulating the “bond.” That’s the area between the joists at the ceiling edge of the basement. It’s the only thing left uninsulated in the house. It’s not difficult–just a gazillion times up and down the ladder. I’m hoping the floors won’t be so cold after I finish. While I do it, I’ll muse about the chapter I’m writing. Money for writing? Not so much. I wouldn’t turn it down, but the two books I’ve written were critical successes, but never great sellers. I realized that I did it more for feedback. (Un?)Fortunately, I’m not much motivated by money. I guess I’m saying you need to figure out why you write, so you can do it in the way that most satisfies you.

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    1. I suppose I’m still getting used to the idea of writing for a given publication – targetting a group of users. It’s very odd, after spending so long writing whatever I felt like on a given day.

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      1. Those of us for whom it’s easy to communicate in writing still need to decide why we do so. What do you want to share that resonates with you and your audience. I fear that unless you answer that question for yourself, it won’t be long before you’re “phoning it in.” And then you won’t enjoy it. There are way too many forms of drudgery out there–since this medium speaks to you, keep it fresh, safe and fun.


  2. I read your procrastination thing and there’s no place to comment so I’m commenting here. I now have a headache. Also, thanks for the invitation to live inside your head for a few moments. (omg) 🙂

    I keep it simple (and have much less technie knowledge than you) – I open WP and write something and edit it and then agonize over it and edit it again and eventually hit publish and never even look at any other apps. Boo. I only know two people who type into text editors – you and Paul in Belgium.

    Anyway, I did love it, if that means anything to you. It was entertaining and humorous and very aptly described. It was like I was sitting in your house watching you walk around puttering. 🙂

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    1. If nothing else, posting to the other blog has forced me to push everything through Grammarly – which made me realise how bad my punctuation has become.


  3. Still haven’t done anything on Medium other than to read other people’s words. I have an idea for a post, but we’ll see if I can carve out the time to think it through. I haven’t seen Cats. I don’t think I intend to either. We’re currently binge watching Schitt’s Creek and just watched Wonder Woman 1984.

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