Quiet Days

It feels like we are in a strange sort of limbo at the moment – not allowed to go anwhere, or visit anybody. We spend each day watching movies, playing board games, reading books, doing jigsaws, and noodling around on the internet. It’s all very odd.

After dinner yesterday evening we played a ridiculous game that somebody bought us for Christmas last year – where you each have a kazoo, and have to “play” pieces of music for everybody else to guess. I was terrible at it, but then so was everybody else. Our faces hurt from laughter.

I’ve been tinkering with various writing projects throughout the day – quietly holed up in the junk room. I somehow managed to write two pieces yesterday, but inspiration has deserted me today. I’m not going to worry too much – there’s always tomorrow.

I think this evening may be all about retro video games, and a few beers. I’m slowly working my way through a pack of “Christmas beer” that has been sitting on the kitchen counter since Christmas Eve. I’m not doing very well at it the whole “drinking and eating” thing – I obviously need more practice.

I’ve promised to find a movie to watch with my eldest daughter this evening. She loves horror movies, but I fear she’s seen every horror movie on Netflix. Perhaps I’ll dig into Amazon Prime, and see what I can come up with.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Days

  1. I watch the news and our media gets all excited about ten new cases in Sydney and now three in Melbourne. Then I see you guys are getting 35 000 a day! The whole Covid thing is weird. We live in the great age of technology and the only way we can deal with this thing is by doing the same things that they did in the middle ages. Clean and stay away from sick people!!

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  2. Did you end up finding anything good? I don’t really watch horror anymore so I have no suggestions. It’s definitely that limbo time of year. Part of the day I thought it was Saturday and then remembered it’s only Thursday. lol.


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