Self Isolating

Our youngest daughter started coughing yesterday afternoon. Even though we suspected a run around town with her sister was the cause (it’s bitterly cold outside), we waited for a couple of hours before making any decisions.

Shortly after dinner she was still coughing, so booked the COVID test for first thing this morning.

Of course she seems fine now, but we can’t take any chances – my other half works in a school – the contact tracing would be insane should she show any symptoms.

We’re therefore stuck in the house for the next day or two – not that it makes much difference to me. I’ve been no further than the corner shop in the last six weeks (if you discount running around town in the early hours of the morning now and again – avoiding anybody and everybody en-route).

I suppose you might say we are exercising “an abundance of caution” – unlike so many families that seem to think COVID is either a hoax, or something that only affects others. It’s so frustrating. I’ve come to the point of trying not to look at Facebook, because I quickly become annoyed at the widespread entitlement, bullshit, and outright lies.

4 thoughts on “Self Isolating

  1. I hope that the test returns a negative result. This virus is proving we as a species aren’t any more evolved than we were in the middle ages.


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