New Years Day

So here we are. Another new year. While it’s tempting to make resolutions, to “double down” on that which was intended but not done in the past, I’m resisting. Resolutions are invariably not kept. Aspirations are invariably not met. While it sounds tremendously boring to have no aims, given the past couple of years just making it through in one piece seems to be as good a goal as any.

We stayed in last night. Everybody we know stayed in. We ate dinner, watched television, and poured a glass of fizzy wine at the allotted hour.

My middle daughter worked throughout the afternoon and evening at a bar in the centre of town – I met her as her shift finished at 10pm and we wandered home through the Christmas lights together.

We were all in bed before 1am, and struggled to get up this morning. I think today might be very quiet indeed. A day for reading books, watching movies, playing board games, and setting out pages in new bullet journals.

My use of bullet journals over the last few years has now spread like a virus throughout my family. My other half now has one, as does my middle daughter. I wandered into the lounge yesterday and interrupted a very serious conversation about future logs and migration. I smiled.


Time to make a cup of tea, and catch up on the written adventures of far flung friends.

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Well although I neither make resolutions nor do I begin a new year on January 1, I have achieved some of my goals I set out as part of my life journey by year’s end. Just call me a rebel – I try not to follow the masses, so you will not find the traditional resolutions or even a recap of last year on my blog. What you will find is a messy float chart on my white board in my room/home office with goals achieved and still to be achieved written on there with colourful dry-erase markers.

Happy New Year to you and yours!! May 2022 be good to you. ❤

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It sounds like you had a lovely New Years. We had some friends over, another couple, and stayed up late playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’. It was our first time playing, and it was a lot of fun. We ended up going to bed around 3am, which is about 5 hours past my normal bedtime.

I sometimes make resolutions…one year it was to floss my teeth more regularly, and that one stuck. I’ve been much better at flossing ever since, thankfully. Last year my resolution was to eat more pancakes. Since the year before I probably had pancakes once or twice, it was an easy resolution to keep. And tasty. This year’s resolution is to de-clutter my house. I am sick of how much stuff we have around here. So far so good.

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