This year I’m taking part in “Bloganuary” – a series of writing prompts published throughout the month by Mindy Postoff. Today’s writing prompt is “What is a superpower you’d love to have?”

It says something about the workings of my mind that as soon as I saw today’s writing prompt, I started to wonder what the most ridiculous super-power you could have might be. A google search quickly discovered that the writers of comic-books have already come up with just about every superpower imaginable, and quite a few that nobody imagined.

Who knew about “Chlorophyll Kid”, and his ability to grow plants? How about “Eye Boy”, who was covered in eyes? Or “Ruby Thursday” and her transforming head? We shouldn’t forget “Shatterstar” who could rearrange his organs. “Matter Eater Lad” is self explanatory.

I’m tempted to suggest a ridiculous superpower just for the fun of it – but would of course then feel guilty because most superheroes are afforded the opportunity to benefit the world in some way. Being “Good at emptying the Dishwasher Man” isn’t going to save the planet, is it.

While trawling through the idiotic superheros of times past, I came upon “Cypher”, who could understand every language, and thought that actually that might be quite wonderful. Imagine being able to communicate with anybody, in their own language. Imagine how fascinating it would be to hear stories of everyday folk from different cultures all over the world.

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Chore Man might be a possibility. But I’m with you–I’m around so many people of different nationalities, I think being able to understand and speak any language, no matter how few speakers of it there are or even if it isn’t a written language, would be amazing. No communication issues. Wait. No, still issues. The great number of people speaking English can’t seem to get it together with understanding.

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I think being able to communicate in all languages would be pretty darned awesome. I suspect one would then become a translator, and travel the world. Doesn’t sound bad at all.


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