A Few Minutes

I’m grabbing a few minutes from my day to empty my head into the keyboard. If I don’t do it now, something will crop up, and it won’t happen.

Work has been busy this week – and while it helps to make the working day fly past, it’s also pretty draining. Thinking on your feet all day writing source code, responding to emails, and having endless technical conversations leaves very little of you by the end of the day.

I can’t remember the last time I talked to any friends – either online, or otherwise.

It’s funny – while I might occasionally think of myself as a boat of sorts – floating along and bumping into other boats along the way, sometimes I notice other people living their life – getting on – making their way in the world – and kind of feel a bit left out. I guess everybody feels it from time to time.

Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe when the sun comes out, and I wander down to the park in the centre of town for a coffee my thoughts will turn around. For the moment though, life seems tremendously narrow.

Maybe I just need to get out there running again.

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We long for connections with others–and COVID has mucked up the ease with which we did it before. I don’t know how you manage so much technical input and output–your brain is wired way different than mine. But getting out there and putting sneakers to the ground and running may be a wonderful respite from the caged existence that too often reflects what working from home feels like.

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