Spinning Plates

I’ll need to retrieve the trusty travel case from the loft that accompanied me to Germany and back so many times. It might be an idea to purchase some train tickets too.

(Five minutes pass while I acquire said tickets via the magic of the internet)

Hopefully travelling outside the school holidays means the trains will be quieter than normal – by that I mean perhaps the chance of a seat, rather than sitting on my own luggage in the doorway of a carriage, as I have so many times in the past.

I still remember the time I took the children to visit on the train when they were young. We booked a table with four seats. When we got on the train we discovered somebody else in our seats – I showed them my ticket. Somebody else was sitting in their seats. I found them and explained. Somebody else was sitting in *their* seats. This went on for some time. I gave up in the end, and a kind gentleman volunteered his seat so I might sit with one of my daughters, while the other two sat on their own a short distance away.


Time to go make a coffee, sit down, and catch up with friends. It’s been too long.

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