Daytime Television and Chilli

Daytime television is a strange sort of placatory drug – that teaches nothing while acting as the vehicle for an avalanche of advertisements about life insurance, pensions, and healthcare.

This morning I defrosted the freezer in the garage so my parents can order frozen meals to get them through the next several months without having to worry about cooking. There is a company we have used at home when pushed that deliver good quality frozen food. It turns out they can deliver to my parents house. Huge win.

I’ll write more later – I need to start thinking about making dinner. My Dad has a pretty strict routine with the various tablets he is taking, so I’m having to work around that with meal times. I’m making chilli tonight.

(An hour passes while I go on a magical mystery tour through the cupboards to find long grain rice – it turns out my Mum has no system at all for storing things, but knows exactly where things SHOULDN’T go – and she doesn’t mind telling you).

Dinner is done! Everybody clean plated again, so I must have got something right. We have enough left over to make baked potatoes with chilli later in the week. Apparently tomorrow night we’re ordering something to be delivered. I wonder how I can ensure that whatever gets delivered is at least a little healthy?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m on call to make another cup of tea before finding somewhere quiet to sit down with my book.

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I’m loving these vignettes of life with Mom and Dad…You’re a good son, can I adopt you? (Hell, you can cook, I’d marry you if I weren’t old enough to be your mother – and other little details.)

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I’ll agree with Grace–though I’m quite pleased that you’re happily married. You really are a good son to your folks. Your commitment to them is beautiful. So many folks would prefer ignoring older people and letting them get by on their own. Kudos for valuing them and showing it.

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I know we’re about the same age… but please can you adopt me? (I saw Grace’s comment after the thought, ha ha!) I could sure do with someone like you in my life! πŸ˜›

Shocking reveal for you : we do not have a TV in the house! Not one!
We used to have one…
Watching what the kids wanted to watch online was more fun though, and so the screens in use were cellphones (lying in bed) or moving the couch to be able to watch on the computer.
(I tried to get the TV hooked up to the internet, but the guy who came to do it said something about cables and ports not being there, and being unable to get them – it was an older model.)
So after six months of no one switching the TV on, I gave it away to someone who actually needed it πŸ˜‰

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I was going to express shock about you having no TV, but then thought about it – my kids sit with their noses in their phones for hours too. The world is changing, I guess.

Maybe we can adopt each other (is that even possible?) lol

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The world is definitely changing! Rapidly so! Which isn’t always a good thing. But without advancements in technology, we wouldn’t have WordPress, so I suppose there are some things about the world that are worthy of celebration πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

And now you have me wondering if anyone has ever adopted each other… hmmm… perhaps I should Google it πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

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