I need to think about something else. Some normality. I’ve been trying to focus on work, but it’s difficult.

My post a few days ago about the importance of friendship has been brought into focus today. Without each other the world is a cold and lonely place. When everything else is removed, we are just people – doing our best – putting one foot in front of the other – fostering hopes and dreams for the future.

If you’re in a similar frame of mind today, feel free to reach out.

4 replies on “Distracted”

The mess in Ukraine is disruptive. There’s something about the arrogance of the powerful bullying those less able to fend for themselves. I guess that could be said about many places and people. You’ve got compassion for those who are hurting–the people of Ukraine didn’t ask for this–they happen to live next to Russia with ties they didn’t create. It also points out that we need one another more than we realize. You said it–loneliness is cold.

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When the world is in conflict, it makes my own safe space feel smaller and more compact. Friends are certainly a lifeline. I find it hard to articulate all I am feeling but they listen and that does help.

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