Inescapable Conclusions

If I’m honest, I can’t quite figure out how tomorrow is Thursday. Where did the beginning of the week go? Life, work, and everything in-between seems to have conspired to suck the air out of the universe around me, and spin the hands on the clock from the moment I’ve climbed out of bed on a morning to the moment I’ve collapsed back into it at night.

I’m tempted to repeat the line from the typewriter in “The Shining” (I’ll let you look it up).

I will admit to being distracted by the news all week – stealing glances at various international reporting websites. I suppose the over-riding question on my mind is how none of the inner circle surrounding the lunatic at the centre of the news has been brave enough to do anything about him yet.

Maybe expecting even a small minority of people to question the status quo is asking too much.

Let’s be honest – we live in a world where a huge number of people say they believe in some form of “creator” when challenged. I’m willing to bet a significant proportion of them have questioned what they have been told to believe at some point in their life, and yet they have not done so – because it would either hurt somebody’s feelings, rock the boat, cause an argument, or whatever…

All it takes is enough people to look the other way, and look where we end up.

One reply on “Inescapable Conclusions”

I hear you when it comes to time just disappearing entirely! UGH!

And here’s another quote for you that sums up all the happenings of late :

”All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

This world just gets sadder by the day, doesn’t it?


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