Twelve Days

Twelve days. That’s how many days I managed to stay away from publishing an almost-daily journal on the internet. If I’m entirely honest, I started writing again almost immediately – experimenting with traditional diary entries. It all seemed so pointless.

When writing a blog post, I tend to see it as a conversation of sorts – telling the story of the day to a good friend over a cup of coffee or tea. Writing a private diary entry loses something along the way. I suppose I’m just not a very receptive audience for my own thoughts.

Of course I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t debated for rather too long about the most appropriate platform to house an almost daily journal once more. Should I pivot the cathedral that houses the more thoughtful writing, or resurrect the bazaar that I burned to the ground several days ago?

That’s right – I didn’t just walk away – I set fire to everything. Or clicked the “delete account” button. Setting fire to it sounds much more spectacular, doesn’t it.


As you can see I *have* chosen the resurrection route – or rather reconstruction in this case. You might almost imagine I was never gone. Only for some people I have gone. In the past I leveraged the machinery of the internet to automagically cross-pollute both WordPress and Tumblr with my writing – I’m not doing that this time.

If you were wondering how you ended up on the mailing list for the new blog, I’ll guiltily hold my hands up, and murmur “it’s a fair cop”. Some copying and pasting of e-mail addresses happened this evening. If you would rather just receive the hopefully not too mansplainey think pieces, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. If, however, you quite like this – hoorah!

Oh crikey – the clock is marching towards midnight, and all I’ve done this evening is waffle on for far too long about far too little once again. I should probably stop.

It’s amusing really, isn’t it – that after so long struggling to conjure words, as soon as I tried to walk away they arrived in something of a torrent.

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