The One Where I Broke the Universe

Something rather odd happened today. Actually – scratch that – something very odd happened today. You need some back-story first though.

Several years ago my other half bought me a subscription to service that delivered a box full of nerdy stuff to you once a month. It was called “Loot Crate”. I received all manner of wonderful junk – from space invader neck ties, to spiderman mugs, and Superman figurines.

At some point during the subscription I received a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” t-shirt. I’ve worn it. Lots.

While taking a break from work this morning – waiting for the kettle to boil – I busied myself with folding washing that had been taken off the washing line last night. In the middle of doing so, I folded the blue “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” shirt.

A few minutes later I wandered past the mirror in the hallway, and something deep in my subconscious noticed that I was *wearing* the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” shirt. For a moment or two I frowned at myself – struggling to put together what I had seen, and what I was seeing.

I walked back into the lounge, picked up the pile of clean clothes, and started frowning. I even took a picture of myself – wearing the shirt, and holding the shirt at the same time – and sent the selfie to my other half.

“I think I broke the universe…”

“What?! How!?”

“I don’t know!”

Neither of us can work it out. I’ve only ever owned one of the t-shirts, but now I have two. I wonder what else I can duplicate, and where I have to put it for it to happen?

Also – given the conservation of mass law, I wonder what disappeared in order to conjur the replica t-shirt?

6 replies on “The One Where I Broke the Universe”

I love that you feel you broke the universe. What you’re saying is quite odd, but it’s wonderfully fun to think you did something cosmic to cause this duplication. One of your girls wasn’t replaced by the shirt, were they?

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Ah, I wonder as well what was lost to bring this T-shirt into existence. But I am glad you have somehow broken the universe and created your own reality. The old reductionist mechanics can have that tea you boiled while you enjoy the comfort of an extra T-shirt that you materialised. Good job, 😛 😛

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