Mother’s Day

It was “Mother’s Day” in England today. Apparently the origins of mother’s day in the UK date back to an era when people worked in service (think Downton). It became a tradition for service staff to be allowed the day off to visit family each year. I only heard this story on the radio this morning – I’ve never heard it before.

We spent the entire day standing in the cold at a rugby tournament.

It’s been a tough year for our middle daughter. Rugby has always been “her” game, but she has always struggled to find a team where either she belonged, or where the club had any numbers of players in the same age range as her. This year has seen her as one of the few experienced players in her entire team – and while the rest have next year to progress, improve, and see success, she will not – she moves on to the senior team after facing defeat, after defeat, after defeat.

The surprising thing? She still loves playing, and looks forward to every training session, and every match.

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