Hello Midnight, Old Friend.

Here we are again – watching the clock slip effortlessly from one day to the next. Our marking of time is a curious thing, isn’t it – we place such significance on yesterday, today, and tomorrow – when in reality we’re just specks on a ball of mud floating aimlessly through space on a path it has been repeating for millions of our years.

Many try to convince themselves that we are somehow special – the product of a mysterious creator sharing a similar form – a master puppeteer pulling the strings of everything we know.

I’ve always thought that view tremendously conceited.

We really are specks. Tiny specks on a fairly normal ball of mud in a quiet backwater of a normal spiral galaxy. We are here quite by chance. Yes, we are sentient, but then so are the billions of other creatures that no doubt exist in the far reaches of “space”. Far is of course a relative term – relative to how far we have managed to travel, in timescales we understand.

For nearly a thousand years the rulers of ancient Egypt sold their citizens intricate stories of gods eating each other in the sky – of animal headed beings that birthed the sun in the morning, and consumed it at night. Over time ideas changed – evolved – with early scientists being silenced for daring question the “accepted wisdom” of their day.

We look back now and try to separate ourselves from the powers that fought against Copernicus, Kepler, and Archimedes – but we really haven’t moved on. We haven’t moved on at all.

Children all over the world are still instructed to believe in imaginary beings in the sky – backed up by weighty tomes interpreted by scholarly liars trained to pray on the gullible and weak. We protect freedom of choice – freedom of thought – freedom of speech. We allow people to be exploited by a placebo that has persisted for millenia – taking different forms on each continent, and in each epoch.

Anyway. Enough mental rabbit hole excavations.

Time for bed.

3 replies on “Hello Midnight, Old Friend.”

What bothers me more is that I talk to myself and that’s me being crazy, majority of an entire population talks to an imaginary being and that’s alright. Not only we think we are so special, we think we are somehow the driving force of the universe. A god that looks like us, has created an entire universe has chosen earth to be our special home.. Do you think people are scared of being insignificant ? They’d go to the extend of inventing truth, meanings to life, gods, and more just to give their life a purpose. As if, they’d float anchor less otherwise and that’s such a bad thing? Just to break the monotony to some extent, I work on my own time frame now. I don’t have concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow and my life isn’t dictated by vibrations of Cs. I use food as a time marker. Before the first meal, after the first meal, just before the second meal, and towards the final meal. It’s not a perfect system yet but it works.
I have only recently stumbled across your blog and I have only read some of the posts yet. But I am liking what I am reading. Thanks for your posts. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

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