Today was the first of my “staycation”. Nine days away from work. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to fill those days with, given that we can’t really afford to go anywhere or do anything, but I’m sure the universe will figure out something that needs doing each day, and results in returning to work without really feeling like I’ve had a break.

It’s funny how that happens.

Everything feels so detached at the moment. I find myself rarely setting foot in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. “Social” feels like such a lie. I suppose if I’m honest, I’m really not a very “social” animal at all. I used to think I was. I would share thoughts about things as they occurred to me. Share photos. Words. These days I find myself hesitating over anything and everything.

Having an opinion has become poisonous. Any firmly held view can be demonised by a vocal minority, and suddenly you’re fire fighting perceived judgements that haven’t happened.

I can’t help feeling it’s easier to keep quiet than volunteer much of anything to anybody any more.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person that has realised the truth behind the various influencers and mouthpieces that dominate online discourse – that their deliberately mansplained lectures are designed more to cause reaction than to evoke empathy, or understanding.

Perhaps I should try harder to remember that the vocal self-proclaimed majority of the social internet are not only a small minority of the largely silent online whole, but an almost immeasurably small fraction of the wider world.

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I do my best to avoid social media vitriol, and sadly have had to block a few long time friends on FB. The world can be a wonderful place if you distance yourself from all that negativity.
Enjoy your stay-cay!

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If you ever decide to get back into the whole social media thing, the block button helps if people start being hostile
😊✨ if I don’t like or agree with something someone puts out on social media I just scroll on…can’t be bothered to start arguments…..even a healthy debate is best done in person really, we don’t really know who we”re talking to online half the time 👀

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People will always have opinions because we’re all different. Our problem worldwide is nobody cares that our opinions come from deeper places–our stories, experiences, the people we’re around. But nobody wants to listen to our explanations. Or have a discussion about what we meant. What you have to say matters. Don’t allow the callousness of others to paralyze your voice.

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Opinions and beliefs are one thing – preaching is another. Over time, I’ve become increasingly abrasive when “told” what to believe, think, or do by those that obviously have no foundation in reason behind their instructions.


That probably came across a bit stronger than I meant it to :/ All I really mean is “I don’t play well with others that are only interested in playing their game” 🙂


Oh, I have no time for the antivaxxers, or conspiracy theorists. I think they thing that annoys me most is the most idealist people rely on the very people they rail against to save their ass most of the time.

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Nice to find you back here…I stopped by a couple of times when you were at your sub stack place, and this blog was shut down…now here it is again. Sorry I missed so many posts!

Enjoy your staycation, I hope getting away from work gives you some feeling of relaxation. We’ve done that often when we don’t have money to travel, and sure there are chores that need doing, but we also sometimes take day trips that we really enjoy.

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I know both the reluctance to ‘social’ and the risk of a break not feeling like a break. For the latter I’d suggest some solitary time to contemplate whether there are things that interest you or that you would enjoy that you don’t normally give yourself permission to do because your routine obligations occupy all your time. Something like a sabbatical perhaps.

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