In the Dark

Did you know that if you install the “Dark Reader” extension into your web browser, you can write in “Dark Mode” in the WordPress editor? Well you do now.

Technically it’s already Sunday morning, but I’m still up – bathed in the light of an old angle-poise lamp in the junk room. There is no music playing. There is no sound of teenagers crashing around the house somewhere else. There is just the sound of my fingers on the keyboard.

I cut the grass today. While it might sound like a remarkably mundane thing to announce – hardly noteworthy in the grand scheme of things – it was at least something. I achieved something.

Tomorrow will be spent on the touchline of rugby pitches for the last time this season – or at least until the summer touch-rugby tournament starts.

On Monday I will find myself back in this seat, sitting in front of this same computer, pretending to know what I’m doing once more, and talking a good game in conference calls.

It’s easy to sound like you know what you’re doing. I meet people that talk a good game all the time. It’s more difficult to pull those same people’s projects out of the fire and drag them over the finish line. I know – I’ve done it.


Time to sleep.

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