Forwards and Backwards

In what you might describe as an enormous re-invention of my blogging existence, I have moved the entire archive (including all manner of mangled text from the distant past) into the shiny new blog, and wired up Zapier to automagically cross-post elsewhere for me. All hail the makers of the interwebs for allowing pollution of cyberspace with my written idiocy in such quantity. It took a fair amount of somewhat inventive scripting in Python to assemble the past posts into a somewhat organised collection, but I got there in the end. I can’t imagine anybody would want to read it all, but that’s not really the point.

I can’t help rembering the advice given during NaNoWriMo – it’s all about the quantity – not the quality.


It’s Sunday, and it’s a bank holiday weekend. I spent the entire morning messing around with the flight simulator, and recording YouTube videos of idiotic escapades five thousand feet above London in a questionable jet aircraft – rabbiting on about radio navigation techniques. There’s a simple reason why – my YouTube channel has been “monetised”, and this has turned into a lucrative rabbit hole from which to dig “extra money”. My other half laughs at the amount of hours required to make anything like a profit, but I keep impressing upon her that if I spend the next thousand years at it, I might be able to afford several packets of cookies.

I’ve just realised it’s getting pretty damn cold in here. I should really go find something warm to wear. Perhaps if I type fast enough, the friction from my fingers will warm the entire room up.

Ah. A coffee. A coffee will warm me up. Why didn’t I think of that before?

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