Little by Little

That’s two week’s of the “Couch to 5K” complete now, and after six months doing very little indeed my body appears to be remembering how the whole “running” lark works. Against my better judgement, I extended this morning’s run a little (only by a kilometre), just to see how my legs felt. So far so good.

While it’s tempting to increase mileage next week dramatically, I know I shouldn’t. Fitness programmes are designed a certain way on purpose, and I’m not twenty-something any more.

I remember the first time I ran the local five mile running race – twenty years ago now – and began training perhaps a month before-hand. I ran a small loop around town a few times, and within perhaps two or three weeks was running five miles every other day. I ended up with all sorts of pain in my shins, and that’s why I’m not about to do THAT again.

I’ve turned a corner though. The running is becoming easier. It’s getting back to the “happy place” I remember from the past. When you’re running you kind of get lost in the rhythm of your breathing – of your feet hitting the ground. I imagine there’s something about the whole “zen” thing that people go on about, but I wouldn’t presume to even guess.

I’m still losing weight too. No snacks between meals again this week. I had one “falling down” moment – the night before last. I ended up playing Trivial Pursuit with my other half late in the evening, and ate an entire bag of Doritos while playing.

There are murmurings about going out for something to eat tonight. A meal at the pub. I’m guessing I should stick to a fairly healthy option, rather than the stodge-fest I might usually choose.


Time to bring the working week to a close, file timesheets, and go collapse in a quiet corner somewhere (we know I’ll just end up in the bottom of an internet rabbit hole, don’t we)…

One reply on “Little by Little”

I used to run, but my ankles won’t take it anymore. So, we walk. By the time spring rolls around, we are usually so busy that we don’t think much of exercise. We are beat by the end of the day. With my other half down for the count for a couple of weeks with an injury, that doubles up my spring duties. Tonight, I’m sinking into the sofa with a toddy (and a couple of ibuprofen.) Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll finish up the season’s tree planting, and then some of the pressure will be off.

Stick to the program–work up to it, and enjoy the zen of it. (and save your knees by exercising smart.)

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