Chore Days

Another day. Another few kilometres in the running bank. The schedule moved on to “Week 3” this morning. It’s so tempting to go further than the schedule dictates, but I’m only too aware of past injuries and how I caused them.

After scraping myself out of bed a little after 7am, I met my middle daughter in the kitchen – who had just returned from her own run. She’s starting the “Couch to 5K” too – only I’ll believe it when I see it. As with many teenagers she tends to be full of ideas that only get as far as doing something once or twice. Quite how she’s going to make it through seven or eight weeks of running every other day is anybody’s guess.

My run went well. I took a different route around town to mix it up – and of course ended up running in the road half the time. Why do some people think the entire pavement belongs to them? Why are they so thoughtless or ignorant? I really do wonder if I’m invisible sometimes.

After getting home I launched myself into the usual chores – emptying the dishwasher, filling the washing machine, and tidying up around the house. After that the lawn needed cutting. It never ends around here. While writing this I can hear that the washing machine has finished – guess who will be hanging it’s contents out in a moment.

It’s funny really – I look forward to the weekend, and invariably end up doing chores for most of it.

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