Stepping Back

I’ve decided to step back from the internet for a while. Slow down.

I STILL have a huge pile of books I’ve not read, a LOT of movies I’ve never seen, and a LOT of TV shows I’ve never seen a single episode of.

It’s time to climb out of the internet rabbit hole.

I’ll pop back in every few days of course – as I have been – and perhaps I’ll have stories to tell 🙂

4 replies on “Stepping Back”

And this comment is part of the reason not to come back right here. Just because you have a political axe to grind, doesn’t make it ok to pollute other people’s social platforms with it.


Sorry if I over-reacted. My brother takes a similar line with his “humor” – everything he projects as funny is demeaning to somebody else. I’m kind of over it.


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