Running Again

I went running first thing this morning – back to the “Couch to 5K” programme after a few days off after my right knee started to hurt. Fingers crossed if I just go slow at this whole running thing, my body will stop complaining.

It’s funny – for years my natural jogging pace has been about six minutes per kilometre – so about thirty minutes for five kilometres. Even though the sessions at the moment are pretty much “run, walk, run, walk”, the running part of them is coming out at exactly that pace again – and with seconds difference between each run. I seem to have an unexpectedly accurate metronome inside my body.

I do need to lose weight to make it easier though – I could do with losing about twenty five pounds. I’ve cut out most snacks, but I need to do more. Maybe some cardio on the days I’m not running would help?

Half the reason I’m running is because sitting down all day, every day, has started to cause my ankles to swell up. Being active stops that happening. My other half forgot her lunch today, which provided an unexpected lunchtime walk across town – not very far, but something at least. I suppose running around doing chores throughout the day helps too.


I was just taking a break from work for a few minutes. I better get on.

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I hear you with the need to get moving when you have a “desk job”. While I’m not nearly ambitious enough to do a Couch to 5k, my neighbor has helped me implement a routine of walking an hour first thing in the morning. It’s helped tremendously. I hope you can reach your goals!

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Yes, cardio will help, might possibly be worth considering some weight training too!! Muscle is very calorie hungry compared to body fat so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at work and at rest!!

Well done for getting back running again though.

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I shared a picture on my Facebook this morning that is rather appropriate here. It reads :

”Dieting is easy.
It’s like riding a bike.
Except the bike is on fire.
And the ground is on fire.
And everything is on fire.
Because you’re in hell.”

😛 😛 Just some humour to start your day 😉

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