Running and Haircuts

I began “Week 5” of the “Couch to 5K” running programme this morning – three five minute runs, with three minute walks in-between. I could really have done with an extra half hour in bed, but (thankfully) I’m pretty good at guilting myself into carrying on with the various idiot escapades I get involved in.

After getting back from the run I started clearing the kitchen around Miss 18, who was making eggy bread (french toast for the food snobs reading this). After finishing with the frying pan she threw it in the sink – which melted the washing up bowl. Genius move. When she asks about the smell of burning plastic the next time she uses the frying pan, I’ll remind her.

I just cut my hair. I’ve been cutting it myself ever since we went into lockdown – or rather, mostly cutting it – my eldest daughter typically tidies up the back for me (it’s kind of hard to see the back of your own head).

There’s an old saying about idle hands and the devil’s work, isn’t there – which would probably apply if I believed in any of that nonsense. I always find it interesting that people “of faith” tend to frame anything they would prefer others didn’t do in terms that suggest some form of supernatural retribution.

Along with countless others, I’ve been watching the news this week, and trying to process what’s going on. I’m not going to mansplain any of it – I just wanted to express my frustration with the world in general sometimes. We never learn. The same patterns repeat, endlessly.

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Curious–how do you explain the ongoing, never-ending horrors that are happening around the world? Or try to justify them–especially if they were to happen to you and your family? I know you don’t believe in faith, but what’s the alternative? Like I said, just curious.

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I’m more likely to see the world as it is, rather than dress it in dogma I’ve been taught. In Putin’s case, what’s more realistic? That he is being manipulated by some sort of dark force, or that he was psychologically profiled and recruited by the KGB, who seek out naturally manipulative, unfeeling, detached people – just as other secret services around the world do. He is the product of a system that rewards a corrupt 1% while selling a lie to the people.

As far as gun control in the US is concerned, it really speaks to capitalism and the survival of the fittest. Win at all costs (which can be distorted into “if I can’t win, nobody wins”). The basis of capitalism is rooted in “winning” – and that invariably encourages greed, self interest, and wilful ignorance of the plight of others. Again, a corrupt 1% are paid to maintain the status quo, which protects the sale of arms based on fear and again the survival angle – bigger guns, more ammunition, attack as the best form of defence, and so on.

None of this line of thought requires a supernatural guiding hand, and nobody who sends “thoughts and prayers” achieves anything, except placating their own conscience.

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Well, my friend, I deeply appreciate your honesty. I have to wonder what transpired to create such a negative attitude toward faith–not religion, but interaction with Jesus on a personal level. Was your experience super legalistic? Not judging, just questioning. My experience with people who are so adamant about the negative is a bad experience with “religion” earlier in life. Are you ok with an ongoing conversation? I want to respect you and your thoughts without being pushy. But I do value how you think and process.

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Here’s the thing – you’ve presumed (a) that my thoughts being different than yours must have been caused by something, and (b) that I have a negative attitude towards Jesus. You’ve essentially re-framed the conversation as an attack on you choices or beliefs.

I have no bad experience earlier in life. No “moment” that caused me to turn away from faith, or religion.

Without wishing to derail the conversation too much, I would perhaps counter with a question – if you’re so certain your belief is the only true description of the nature of the world, then why do so many others think their view is also the only true belief, and why have so many groups throughout history thought that *their* view was the only correct one? Which creator or creators were the real ones? God? Allah? Odin? Zeus? Jupiter? Ra? Every major civilisation has fostered their own belief system – why were all of them wrong except one?

All I’m really doing is choosing to believe one less than most do – and for some reason that causes a problem…


You’re absolutely right. I hijacked the conversation not just reframed it. I know what I believe, and I’m confident in that. You, too, know what you believe, and you’re confident in that. I think that people have such passion for what they believe because there’s.a sense of something greater than what we see. And your viewpoint doesn’t present a problem–it merely makes for great conversation. We are what we think and believe, my friend. I value who you are with all you think and believe.

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