Every Few Days

Has anybody seen my blogging horse? Or was it a bicycle? I never was good at idioms and analogies.

It’s Saturday morning (just). The UK has been taken over by patriotic fervour as really rather too many people celebrate the stunning achievement of an entitled family to continue to live a charmed life, paid for by all of us.

I’m not quite nailing my colours to the mast in saying that – the royal family make quite a lot for the country in terms of tourism, but really – why on earth does a modern country need a hereditary monarchy?


While writing this my other half and youngest daughter are in town selling hand-crafted bags, pencil cases, and tea-towels as part of a “Wild” weekend of events – promoting nature, conservation, and ecology. The weather is not helping them – while it was warm and sunny yesterday, today it’s cold, windy, and spitting with rain.

I feel sorry for our youngest daughter – she has spent several weeks making hand-stamped designs on the various items they are selling – and given the weather, foot traffic in the park is going to be almost non existent.

In other news, work is going well. As per usual, I can’t really talk about it. Outside of work, the YouTube channel is getting bigger and bigger – like a snowball rolling down a hillside. After a few months I’ll report on the earnings from it – at the moment it’s making far more than I had anticipated, but I’m naturally pessimistic the longer term.

Time for a coffee, perhaps.

2 replies on “Every Few Days”

I always wonder why we Americans, who fought a war to shake off the monarchy, are now so utterly fascinated with it. I have a girlfriend who’s throwing a jubilee party this weekend for heavens sake. While I do have great respect for Queen Elizabeth and the sacrifices she’s made to duty, when her reign is over it might be time to rethink the royal family’s worth.

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I’m not a royalist, either but I like how you worded it to sit on the fence over it. I’ll never forget when a guy I used to date totally refused to watch the 3pm Queen speech on Christmas Day and then found himself over his radio show job, having to manage the live feed over it. No escape there then that year lol. It’s good though over it if people got extra time off from work.

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