The End of the Long Weekend

The four day weekend for the Queen’s jubilee is coming to an end.

We sat out on the green outside our house with a few neighbours last night and had a drink together. There are perhaps a hundred houses in the nearby area that had been invited. Six or seven made any sort of appearance. I wonder if this is the new disinterested world we live in.

While watching the really quite poor concert in London last night (a very obviously lip-synching Diana Ross was an unintentionally hilarious highlight – never mind what the hell she was doing there), I wondered how the various members of the Royal family reconcile their place in the modern world. They really do have no practical function, other than as an ornament to tourism. The press hang off their every word and action – perhaps treating them as a placebo of sorts for those that still buy tabloid newspapers. An easy story.

It’s all very odd.

Like I said – back to work tomorrow. Back to yet another project I can’t really tell you anything about. I foresee an evening of Stranger Things while trying valiantly to stay awake.

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