Running Up That Hill

Invariably I try to get to a “good place” with programming before finishing for the day – yesterday that didn’t happen. Something wasn’t working, and it consumed me all evening. At dinner the rest of my family asked what was going on – catching me staring into space, thinking about it.

After watching Stranger Things with my eldest daughter yesterday evening I got the work laptop back out, and started digging. I solved the problem, then realised everybody else had gone to bed. It was 1am. Then I worked straight through lunchtime today. Yes, I am my own worst enemy.

Getting back to Stranger Things – Oh. My. Word. Haven’t enjoyed a TV show so much in ages. After watching two episodes of season 4 back-to-back with my eldest daughter last night, we emerged into the kitchen with our thoughts racing from theory to theory about what developments in the story meant, and what might happen next. I can’t remember seeing her so enthused by anything for quite some time.

I’m listening to a Stranger Things soundtrack on Spotify right now – the show is now set in “my” era – the mid to late 1980s. I will admit to smiling when I saw Kate Bush racing up the global charts – of course we didn’t know until last night just why. After the scene in question I turned to my daughter, wide eyed, and whispered “is it ok to breathe now?”


Enough about TV. I’m wondering about going for a walk to decompress from everything. Perhaps pick up some cookies or something along the way.

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