Ends and Beginnings

My middle daughter officially finished college yesterday.

She’s not going to university, so is heading off into the world. While she has her mind set on a career in the police, we’re trying to slow her down a bit – encouraging her to take a year out, go work some different jobs, and live a little first. Get some life experience.

We were talking to a good friend who works for the metropolitan police in London recently, and she remarked that it’s not a race – and that the younger officers coming through could really do with more life experience before they arrive.

I guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

Last night we went out for a meal together – to celebrate the end of college – and afterwards wandered through the big park in the middle of town together. All five of us.

Quite often our eldest daughter doesn’t come out, but we talked her into it. She suffers a lot with anxiety, but has been having good days recently. Long may it continue – she’s a wonderful person, but nobody really knows she exists. I had hoped in the past that the internet might provide an avenue for her to make friends, but she’s as reclusive if not even more so online than in the real world.

It’s difficult.

Today I am up to my ears in work – as per usual – and trying to keep on top of chores around the house at the same time. I’m only too aware that I haven’t said hello to any friends on the internet in quite some time. I need to fix that.

One reply on “Ends and Beginnings”

My heart goes out to your oldest daughter. We were made for community, something you’re very aware of. She may find it easiest to feel grounded in the community of home to give her confidence to venture forth. Just a thought.


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