The Weekend Arrives

You find me sitting in the study at home with a cup of coffee between my arms while I write this post. The only sound in the room is the clickety-clack of the keyboard.

After a week spent at home recovering from COVID, we walked into town late last night to meet my middle daughter – the one that works at the pub. We had only planned on walking there an back – providing an escort of sorts to shepherd her past the numerous bars and restaurants that empty onto the streets late at night. Upon our arrival the bar staff greeted us with smiles and waves, and offered us a dink “on the house”. I can’t imagine how annoyed the man next to us at the bar must have been.

It probably says something about me that the moment I am offered something for free, I immediately worry how fair that is for others. I don’t like being given preferential treatment.

I had one drink – and this morning I know about it. I guess this is another observation to chalk-up against COVID – that the headache I might have had following several drinks now appears after one drink – or at least until my body gets a chance to recover properly.

I’m trying to stop myself from doing things today. A quiet day. Hopefully.

I can’t let today pass without mentioning an influx of new readers. Quite by chance this week I crossed paths with somebody teaching English as a foreign language, and they recommended my writing to their students. If any of you are reading this – I hope you are both understanding, and enjoying it. I can’t always guarantee I’ll have exciting or interesting content to write about, but knowing there’s an audience out there interested in a different way of life will remind me to record my “normal” – because it almost certainly isn’t theirs.

If there is anything you would like me to write about – perhaps about life in England – just send me a message. My contact details are on the “about” page.


It’s time for me to go make a hot drink, sit down, and try to allow my body to recover a little. Wish me luck!

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