A Quiet Day

Today has been a quiet day. A quiet day was needed. A day to rest and collect thoughts.

After over-sleeping this morning I wandered downstairs for a shower and a shave. While wandering around the kitchen with a toothbrush hanging from my mouth, I looked out at the garden and thought “I’ve been putting off cutting the lawn for days”. Five minutes later I was out in the rapidly increasing heat, pushing the lawnmower around.

It’s been ridiculously hot recently. I’m not sure if it’s hotter than recent summers, or if I’ve just been indoors more often this year. Since working from home I have become something of a recluse. For the better part of twenty years I cycled through town every morning, and every night – I can’t remember the last time I got on a bicycle. Strangely, the muscles on my legs haven’t entirely vanished.

My body is still working to repair itself after a week with COVID. I’m looking forward to getting out running again, but fear I may have to walk before I can run – literally. Some long walks over the coming weeks will be needed to remind my lungs how they once worked.

I’m wondering what the influx of new readers make of my words. I have always admired those that can communicate in more than one language – it seems like a magic trick to me. While working in Germany I went out for dinner with a group that were tri-lingual, and they described it like switching radio stations in your head. They didn’t consciously translate.

The odd thing? I can write code in multiple computer languages. Go figure.

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