A Hummy Sort of Day

In the book “The House at Pooh Corner”, Christopher Robin asks Winnie the Pooh what he likes best in the whole world. Pooh answers:

What I like best in the whole world is Me and Piglet going to see You, and You saying “What about a little something?” and Me saying, “Well, I shouldn’t mind a little something, should you Piglet,” and it being a hummy sort of day outside, and birds singing.

Even though I’ve been submerged in work, sitting through calls, and picking away at a new project, it’s been a hummy sort of day today. I think somehow we choose to make each day a hummy sort of day or not – and while it’s very easy to pull a cloak of dark grey clouds over a day, if we set off on the right foot it’s really up to us.


I have to wander into town now, and buy something for dinner. It’s just me and Miss 21 tonight – the rest of the household have jumped on a train and are headed towards a far flung football stadium to watch England play in the European Championships. While they cheer, shout, and jump up and down, our evening may involve pizza, cider, and a horror movie.

I should get a move on. I wonder if the birds will be singing ?

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