The Weekend Approaches

The week is finally slowing down – affording me the chance to write a few words.

I’m heading into a quiet weekend – most of the family are going to the Commonwealth Games on Saturday to watch the rugby, and then the European football cup final on Sunday at Wembley Stadium.

I’ll be hanging out at home with our eldest daughter. I predict horror movies, and all the movie snacks.

I have an admission to make. I stopped using my bullet journal a couple of months ago. While the routine of writing in a paper notebook does help me remember things, you cannot search it’s contents – which has become the primary use-case in my world.

After ditching the bullet journal, I went all-in on Microsoft OneNote – mainly because it kept all my work stuff under the work roof – locked away in their Microsoft 365 platform. I have to say though – OneNote is garbage. It’s kind of Microsoft’s un-loved child, that is going to be replaced soon with “something else” (that will take several versions until it becomes useable).

With that in mind, I started to switch over to “Notion” this week. I’ve played with it in the past. It’s kind of a clever mix between a notebook, and a database. I won’t mansplain it – if you’re interested in a free note taking app, go check it out – all manner of “influencers” found out about it last year, and started waxing lyrical about it.

Anyway. Enough geekery.

I’ve just been talking to my cousin in California – her kids are keen on playing Minecraft with ours, so I imagine I’m going to be teaching their Mom how Minecraft works, and getting everybody into a “Realm” soon. I have to admit – it’s going to be fun. I guess I should re-install Minecraft then…

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