Two weeks to think about as little as possible.

Most people would be pouring a drink out this evening. I’m on my third (or fourth) pint of water today. I’ve lost count. I drank two cans of cider after work last night, and have paid for it all day with a banging headache. I’m rubbish at drinking these days – so much so that I’ve been wondering about stopping entirely.

I know a few people that have given up alcohol entirely, and admire their decision tremendously. While I’ll probably “never say never”, the old saying “just the one” will probably become my mantra. In truth, I hate the wasted half-a-day that having one more drink brings about – I would rather have been doing something interesting, no matter how useless that thing might have been.


I’m planning on doing as little as possible this weekend. A proper rest. Don’t be surprised if you start to see blog posts every day during my time off work.

In other news, I’ve been tinkering with note-taking apps over the past week – looking at Notion once again, Obsidian, and my old bullet journal. While the bullet journal appeals to my eccentric side, it doesn’t fit well with work because it’s not searchable. Obsidian may well win that battle. Outside work though? I wonder if I really need anything at all. Google Drive has become an unlikely trusted store for anything and everything worth keeping. Notion just becomes an enormous tinkerers rabbit hole, where you spend all day re-arranging your cheese.

Maybe I should just keep going with the paper bullet journal. It doesn’t require batteries, and if not for it I would probably have forgotten how to write by now.

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